Sunday, August 14, 2011

Over the Rainbow

24 is an interesting age. I used to have everything planned and used to be so sure of my self, now I question everything. Every decision that I have to make seems like I'm planning the rest of my life. To add to that, I'm far away from home, away from sisters and parents and close friends. I'm in an incredible and always exciting but sometimes still foreign country. Yet I wonder if I'll feel like the foreigner when returning home...  

My life took a radical turn about two years ago. I had enough with my life in LA. I was sick of "wasting my youth away" working all the time. I didn't have a deep connection with most things. Then I came to Israel, had the trip of a lifetime with my twin sister, and met the love of my life. When I left, all I could think about was how and when I would return. Some might have argued that I needed to get my priorities straight.. But for me, it was the first time I actually did. Anyone in my family could tell you how stubborn I could be. When I want something, no matter what it is and no matter how hard it is to get it, its mine. I wanted to be in Israel. I wanted to give my relationship with my boyfriend a chance. So I did. And now I am here, happy, and I am absolutely in love. 

Going back to that "radical turn" however, it amazes me how different my life is. I used to dress up in my 5" Louboutin's everyday, now Havianna's are pretty much glued to my feet. I would never leave the house without makeup, now I feel most comfortable when I'm not wearing any. I used to manage departments, look at sales reports and merchandise floors, talk to buyers, hire, train and coach employees; now I am a waitress. And since I've spent all my money on all the things that I used to own, I'm living the simplest of the simple lifestyle here. I traded my car in for a bike, do dishes by hand, hang dry our laundry, and walk up three flights of stairs to our apartment with no elevator. Though it may sound like I'm complaining, I'm not! I still love all those things that were so much of who I am back home. But how much of who you are is where you live and what you own? I've questioned everything and anything about life since I've gotten here. At the end of the day (as much as I miss fresh towels from the dryer) there are just a few things that I actually need it my life that make me truly happy. 

My Happy Thoughts

(Amazing moments sitting in front of the view in the backyard back home)

(Memories of growing up with my sisters)

(My twin sister, and my inspiration everyday)

(Best friends celebrating with me and my family)

(Sunsets on the beach in Israel)
 (The other inspiration in my life. My Love)

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  1. Feel that I know you a little more and I love the pages of your book you allow us to pick into, keep writing metuka, Love you:-)