Monday, August 1, 2011

In a little big city

When I left Los Angeles and moved to Israel, my friends asked me if I would have to take a camel to work everyday. As funny as it was, I knew half of them were dead serious. The truth is, aside from wars, hard edged and unbelievably gorgeous men and women, people outside this world have no idea whats inside. It's important to me that Israel's beauty shines through the negative media that's exposed to the rest of the world and introduce Israel for what it really is in the most honest way possible. I arrived in Holon, Israel (suburbs outside of Tel Aviv- the big little city) a little over seven months ago, and I knew ever since I got here that I wanted to start blogging.

From the surface, Israeli fashion was a major turn off. Cheap stores, cheap materials, cheap clothes that were still super expensive. Once I dug a bit deeper though, I found GOLD. Israel is full of young Fashion Designers, some new and some well established that design to fit the needs of an Israeli. The Mediterranean heat and humidity call for simple, easy to wear clothing typically made from light fabrics and monochromatic colors. Since the summer heat has hit its peak, it's been a challenge keeping as little material off my body without losing site of my own style. I've been sticking to light airy dresses and count on accessories to finish off my look. Israeli Designer Boutique Razili, has the utmost innovative, modern and urban designs. Everything from the architecture and store displays, to their clothing and accessories collections scream modern day Israel. I just died over their Summer 2011 Jewelry lines. Take a peak.

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