Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tel Aviv Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

Saying that this past week was an adrenaline rush of fashion is the understatement of the century. I wouldn't say that I eat, breathe, and live for fashion. If there is anything I've learned from moving from Los Angeles and living in Israel for almost a year now, it's that life is so much more than fashion and the fab life of all things slightly superficial. However, I do passionately love and appreciate fashion. I love fashion that accentuates the beautiful silhouette of a woman. I love observing each piece like a painting by Cezan, Degas, or Manet. I love studying the lining, fabrication, pattern, color, intricate craftsmanship of embellishment, beading, pleating, draping, etc. I love when a woman wears a piece of clothing and wears it as her own, transforming her wardrobe and the original purpose of the item.

For three days, Tel Aviv hosted its very own Fashion Week for the first time in 30 years bringing together industry leaders, designers, editors, journalists, etc from all over the world. Most important guest of honor Roberto Cavalli flattered the crowd, and well, the country by showing his Spring/Summer 2012 collection "King of the Tigers". "I'm hoping that Tel Aviv fashion week will show the world the Israel that I love," said Cavalli. "It's a beautiful city full of life with people full of life who enjoy fashion and culture just like Europeans, Americans, the Japanese... I'm happy I could support this new venture by showing in Tel Aviv." Great support also came from the President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Mario Boselli, shaking hands with Lev Ofir, director of FWTLV2011. A friendship was established with an agreement signed by the two, aimed at strengthening the link between Italian and Israeli fashion industries. 
This was the kind of event that is definitely going down in the books of fashion history in Israel and around the world. Being a country overshadowed by war, a positive moment in the international spotlight for fashion is major. For many editors and journalists that I spoke to,  it was a delight to look beyond the politics during their first visit to the country. For this I would like to pat Motty Reif and Ofir Lev (Founders of the event) on the back. It's a bit relieving to talk about something other than the perils of this country. There were those that were taken back when they learned that Arabs and Israelis actually worked together on their fashion lines. It's important that people have an understanding of the diversity here and see that we actually work together, and work together quite well.

There was no way I was going to miss such an extraordinary event. For three days I covered the scene on the street and ended up having the opportunity to catch some really amazing shows as well. On top of which I met incredible people like Jayne Seward, Fashion Editor at Apparel News and creator of Fashion Blog VeryVeryChic. Jayne ended up being a familiar face throughout the event and we were able to stick together. Not only was it refreshing to talk to someone from LA who knows where I come from, but it was also humbling. I was honored to listen to the stories she had to tell through her bundle of experience in the fashion industry. I also met tons of Israeli designers, editors, celebrities, and models. Unfortunately I really don't keep up with the latest in the media and didn't know who half of them were. Thankfully my new Canadian friends brought me into the loop by introducing me to the who's who of the event. 

Every city has its own heart beat and Tel Aviv definitely beats to the sound of its own. In Paris and Milan you see gowns, handbags, and 5 inch heels by the most well known fashion houses like Chanel, Valentino, Dior, Givenchy, etc... Though I did see a hint here and there mostly from international guests, Israelis were staying true to their own breed and creed. That being said, it was interesting to see such a variety of global fashion and styling. So I decided to capture the off-the-catwalk action, since, well, that's just as exciting as the real thing.
Fashion Week Street Walkers

(Alon Livne, Israeli Fashion Designer)

(Israeli Fashion Stylist, Rony Ilan also photographed here by Jayne Seward for Apparel News)

(Inna Gutman of Israeli Fashion Blog Modaland)

(Israeli Fashion Designer Adika wearing her own design) 

(Fashion Editor Elle Japan)

(Jayne Seward, Fashion Editor at Apparel News)

(Darya Mariani, Designer of Magic Rabbit, wearing her own design)

(Also Magic Rabbit by Darya Mariani)

(Yvgenny wearing Vintage and fashion week guest wearing Versace for H&M)
[from left to right]

(Yvgenny in Vintage)

(Yvgenny in Vintage

(Fashion Blogger Joey of SabonLover and mysteriously gorgeous, probably Italian, FW guest)
[from left to right]

(Model off duty [L] and Ifat Pasternak, Marketing Manager at Michal Negrin [R])

[L] (Shira Rottner of StlyeMebyShira and Fashion Designer Keren Yakov)
[R] (Yarden Stark, Israeli soon to be New Yorker, and my sidekick for the event)

Stay posted for more coverage from inside the tent!!!



  1. These pictures are INCREDIBLE. booya.

  2. Great pictures! Some look familiar, seems like we were probably around the same people :)
    Also great blog, I love the images you post!