Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Under The Sweater

Last week I left a friends house and got stuck in the middle of the most intense thunder storm ever. The rain continued throughout the entire week with tiny appearances here and there from the sun. The temperature also dropped giving me a fantastic opportunity to layer, wear my boots, scarves, thick matte tights, comfy hats, and all good things fall. It's a funny thing though, learning how to get by everyday without my car when weather is such a huge factor. In la, taking away someone's car is like taking ballet shoes away from a ballerina... So I'm still learning how to leave the house cute, comfy and cozy, and not come back hot, wet, and completely disheveled. However, staying warm and being comfortable is clearly the main priority to me. That's right all you fashionistas, I said it... comfortable! But don't you worry, thanks to these amazing blanket sweater cardigan shawl pancho thingies, I've realized that it's possible to be comfortable and still look totally freaking cute!!!

Under The Sweater
2. Mara Hoffman Striped Cardigan $418 -
3. Sheepskin wrap coat £795 -
4. Lindsey Thornburg Trech Cloak $1140 -
5. MW Matthew Williamson Blanket Coat $804 -

And to all my friends, family and loved loved loved loved ones back home in LA, Happy Thanksgiving, I love you, I am thankful for each and everyone of you, and I 

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  1. "amazing blanket sweater cardigan shawl pancho thingies" ...whatever they are, I LOVE them and want one!