Thursday, December 1, 2011

Part 2 Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2011 - On the Catwalk

It always amazes me to think about the fact that Israel was established only 64 years ago, and yet has been able to rapidly grow and modernize to what it is today. In 1943, the first Fashion Week ever was held in Paris, France. November 2011, Israel held its first fashion show in over 30 years. Of course Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, and New York hold decades of experience on Tel Aviv. However, that didn't stop Israel from hosting a successful event filled with mesmerizing talents. There were clear cut signs of contemporary influences from those like Alexander Wang, Alexander Mcqueen, Helmut Lang, Roberto Cavalli and other international designers. But staying true to form, no matter what has inspired an Israeli, their designs are always unique, original, and have a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean twist. So did it compete with a New York Fashion Week? Not so much... Were there some wacky designs that screamed Israeli? Unfortunately so...  But the most vital piece of this whole fashion extravaganza must I say? It exposed Tel Aviv to tons of International Press from America, Italy, Russia, Japan etc... making such an impression that some are already dying to return. Along with all of this international spotlight, I think we've finally got the rest of the worlds attention on something other than war (thank heavens) hopefully wanting to join in for future shows. Here my top picks from the best of Tel Aviv Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk.

Guest of Honor Roberto Cavalli


One of Israel's youngest and most talented Fashion Designers (Previous winner of Israeli Project Runway) and my personal favorite learned under some of the greatest fashion houses, McQueen and Cavalli. Livne showed itty bitty tinie winie shorts, lots and lots of sheer, baroque prints, and flaunted his incredible craftsmanship and eye for detail. 

Mainly known in the bridal world, Galit Levi designs for women who want all eyes on them when walking into a room. Immediately I thought of Elie Saab and Monique Lullier with her crystal drenched gowns and 100,000s fabric petals. Galit's dresses are no doubt a work of art. 

Former dancer turned Designer, Yosef's designs are inspired by the human body and it's movement. Peretz is known for his colorful, digital prints many times engraved with the intricate details of the feathers of a peacock and scales of a fish.

Dorit Bar Or
Who doesn't love the combination of gold and black, especially when is shines? Former Israeli Actress and well known Fashion Designer, Dorit Bar Or, showed her beautiful line which consisted of mainly just that. Gold and Black. Her pieces are seductive and exotic with the middle eastern theme, however, I don't think it showed anything fresh and innovative to the sea of international fashion leaders who've probably seen it all. 

Gideon Oberson

Sugar Daddy 

Nathaniel Zikri

Up and Coming Israeli Designers
Israel Ohayon 
Up and coming Israeli Designer tops the hot list from FW. His designs, which felt much like an Alexander McQueen show, were and even more eye dazzling in person. Israel Ohayon is one of Israel's up and coming designers and after this show, I don't see how a inventor like himself wont succeed. 

Also in the category of Up and Coming Israeli Fashion Designers, Mandinka displayed beautiful clean lines, geometric shapes, sophistication yet femininity. 

Inbal Gvili 
Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Birds". 

Tali Ravid

Sharon Vaizer 

Sister M

First Kiss



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