Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello November

The first time a chill came over me this season was sensational. It was thrilling and refreshing all at the same time. Each time it happens I can't help but grin to myself. After surviving the summers uncomfortable heat and humidity that I had to bear through as I road my bike to work everyday, I've realized that if I do get cold, there's simply no complaining. I much rather bundle up in chilly weather than feel sticky and hot day in and day out. I've been waiting for this weather like a little girl waiting for Santa Clause every year. And when it comes... boy oh boy does it make me happy! There's so much change that happens in a season. When the weather cools down, people are less tense, home feels relaxing and calm, food becomes savory and enjoyable rather than just a meal to fill your hunger, and my wardrobe doubles in size since I can actually wear more than just tanks, shorts and dresses. Although I do feel a bit of sadness not being home for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and everything in between, there are so many things (new and old) to appreciate about this lovely season wherever in the world you are. Here are some of my favorite things for fall. 

(The maxi is something that has recently made its way into my closet this summer and I'm excited to transition it into fall. Cable knit sweaters are a staple item and I love the way it is paired with this white pleated maxi. Classic, cozy, and a definite must)

(Cable knit sweater socks and chocolate mouse in chocolate cups!?! Genius. I love it. Check out this food guru blogger here to see how she created this masterpiece of deliciousness)

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(I always think of relaxed locks for summer and a more prim and proper up-do for winter. So why not just integrate the two together into a messy ballerina bun for fall. Here's a great tutorial)

(Desiring, lusting, longing, craving, wanting these. The silhouette, the drop waist, the knit details on that coat are all characteristics for the perfect, timeless yet incredibly unique classic coat by Burberry. And that blanket... I'd never leave my bed if that were mine)

(Whether or not you're part of the blog-sphere world, its hard to miss the fact that braids are the hottest trend in the realm of beauty. Like the bun, it's stylish yet laid back and actually a lot easier than it seems. And on the subject of relaxed, this would be my ideal getaway corner to curl up with a book, some tea, and a cozy blanket. The white interior, high ceilings, large vertical windows and branches makes this space serene and almost whimsical)
(When the weather cools down and your home replaces the beach as your seasonal hangout spot, it's important to keep it clean, organized, and free of clutter. Since the space you live affects your emotional behavior (atleast in a woman's world it does), you want to come home and feel relaxed and calm rather than restless and stressed)  

(While living in Israel I was introduced to Sachlav. I'm still confused on whether its considered breakfast, dessert, or just a hot drink, but something that yummy in my books is always appropriate. Made from tubers of an orchid, it is thick, fragrant and served hot. Many places mix in Sachlav powder with hot milk, rose water, coconut, pistachio, and a bit of cinnamon. It originates from Turkey and the Middle East (fun fact: "sahlab" is derived from the Aribic expression "hasyu al-tha lab" meaning fox testicles - a not so subtle depiction of the orchid tuber) historically known to be used as an aphrodisiac. Which brings me to my next point in saying that drinking sachlav brings about sensations of warmth happiness and relaxation. Its the hot chocolate of the Middle East and a good alternative for those who are willing to try something new and delicious. I was able to find a pretty reliable recipe here)

(Incorporating ethereal elements into your home like this brilliant coat hanger made from tree branches brings a little bit of the outdoors, in. It's simple, natural, witty and definitely inspiring for a DIY project)

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(Its like taking your blanket off your bed and making a really great fashion statement. Stay warm with thickly knitted scarves (I found a great one here) and heavy sweaters like this one)

(Perhaps its because Israel is so close to Europe, or because Israeli's have always had a distinct mentality of living the most fulfilling life given any circumstance... Whatever the reason is, I love the fact that the people here go to cafe's (together or alone), and sit their for hours enjoying themselves and their surroundings. As much as they work hard and incredibly long hours for far too little money (which is a common case here), almost every restaurant, cafe, bar, lounge, etc is packed any given night of the week and all hours of the day. I love this picture because it is a typical Tel Aviv scene. No matter what your week is like, take some time out and sit for a cup of coffee, read a book, people watch... whatever it may be. Just take a break every once in a while)

(I recently started waitressing again [that's right, I said it...] at a tiny little French Bistro in Northern Tel Aviv that is considered to be the nicer part of the city. Since working there I've discovered the world of French Food, including macaroons. Probably the most scrumptious cookie I've ever had. Two domed shells separated by butter-cream... It's the perfect little something sweet to have next to your latte)

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(Knit, wool, cashmere... whatever you may have it be. How cute are these knitted sleeves?)

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(Sometimes if you find yourself getting a little too comfortable, add a little glamour to your home. A french chair + faux fur throw + a touch of sparkle = definitely would do the trick)

Enjoy the start of a new season!!!



  1. Everything here is so spot on! Obsessed with all the white knit and WHERE can I find that chocolate cup recipe??? x

  2. This post makes me feel so happy! Those chocolate cups...OMG, so divine! xoxoxoo

  3. you guys are all amazing and I am now following you! p.s. the recipe for those chocolate cups are right underneath the picture. You'll be so surprised by how this girl makes them! <3

  4. Whoa, whoa whoa. There are too many incredible things in this post I don't even know where to start.

    So glad to have discovered you. I love youre writing style and I'm so intrigued by this story of a girl who moved from LA to Israel (I'm originally from LA but grew up in the middle east)... working in a French bistro and has the most incredible ability to bring together wonderful images.

    I'm officially hooked. Totally won over by all the photos you've included in this post and your take on the new season. Love the braids, all the white creamy colours, and knits (that first photo is so gorgeous). xx

  5. STUNNING post!! so inspiring.. x

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  7. Thank you Jane! Everyone loves those chocolate cups =)