Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lady Godiva

Speaking of chameleons in which I spoke about in my last post, I went from edgy to girly. It's funny because I hardly ever consider myself to be girly aside from the fact that I love a beautiful flowing gown, a bouquet of flowers, and everything that sparkles... But when it comes to wearing anything that is pink with bows, hearts, or stars on it I back down without hesitation. However, every once in a while, a little LaDeeDah feeling doesn't hurt and sometimes is almost necessary. I guess at times I can be girly, but girly in my own way. Meaning, if I ever wear a bright pink skirt there's almost an 100% chance I'll pair it with some killer heels that contrasts the skirt's "cutsieness" yet works with the theme of the outfit. My suggestion, combine your girly look with pieces that are more aggressive and dominating. (ie. bold colors, accessories w/ hardware, or patterns) Here I put together two looks, one trendy another classic. Both of which, I (the non-pink nor polka dot wearing girl) would actually wear.  
Lady Godiva

1. Zara polka dot top, $60 - I love how playful this polka dot top is. Meant to be tucked into the skirt. Check out how Blair of Atlantic Pacific wore it here
2. Giambattista Valli fold over skirt, $1,590 - I feel like this skirt would come to some as a surprise and would most likely end up somewhere on The Man Repeller for its bold statement. But I think its refreshingly adorable. And as I always say, it's the way you wear it, and how you feel with it on.
3. Miu Miu heeled sandals, $695- Remember I mentioned a pair of killer heels in a bold color? Yeah... Nuf said... 
4. Alexander McQueen genuine leather handbag, $1,995 - 1. Red and pink has suddenly gone from a fashion "no no" to a fashion "oh yes". 2. I love the juxtaposition between the colors, stitching, and of course his signature skull.  

5. Juicy Couture long sleeve blouse, £165 - I feel like as girly as this blouse is, it could also be quite versatile and a great layering piece.
6. TopShop scalloped skirt, $76 - A full skirt is the girly trick for an ensemble. Just makes you want to twirl around and dance! How fun! 
7. Gucci heels, $875 - Timeless, clean, modern and I love the extra touch of the tassel and bamboo. Such a Gucci staple. These kind of booties would also go great with a pair of black matte tights.  
8. Supertrash ruffle coat, €240 - This coat is TO DIE FOR. Made from wool and layers of sheer pleats, is cozy, cute and such a statement piece! 
9.Juicy Couture rhinestone jewelry, $48 - Again, usually wouldn't wear anything with bows, but these little studs finish off this look with a little bit of sparkle. 
10. ChloĆ© bow handbag, £770 - I'm so in love with this little cutie pie. Not a necessity, especially for its price tag, but something I wouldn't mind spoiling myself with when the time is right. 

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