Monday, December 5, 2011

Diamond in the Rough - The Wool Hat

I admit, a shopping thrill can feel very much like winning the lottery for me. In fact, my absolute favorite item which I've ever owned were purchased at 60% off ontop of which I had my wonderful employee discount. They were the most beautiful pair of gold, jeweled, peep toe Miu Miu flats. Then, one unfortunate night out in Hollywood, I accidentally left them in my friends rental car and they were never to be seen again. This was about three years ago and they still come to mind every now and again. So you can imagine how much I cherish a really good buy, especially when it's "dirt cheap". 

Last week Doron and I were enjoying a chilly Friday afternoon, walking around the city and happened to be checking out some really cool (yet overly priced) vintage stores. Suddenly Doron pulls me into an path leading to the back of someones apartment. A small sign from the sidewalk read "Second Hand". The store was basically someones backyard, turned garage sale, turned second hand store, with the most bizarre collection of things. A friendly old man sat among his cat posse, delighted to see a young, curious couple walk in. We took a stroll through the tiny yet very intriguing place. As we browsed, we saw things from a french book on Manet to an old trombone. To be perfectly honest though, I'm not much of a wizard when it comes to finding the diamond in the rough. I'm a Nordstrom girl and I do best in a well merchandised store. Doron however, having that amazing gift, picks up this beautiful, blue, wool fedora. I observe it and it's in perfect condition. I feel it, flip it over and suddenly to my surprise read "RAG AND BONE, Handmade in the United States". The inside is perfectly stitched and lined with a cute little bow detail. When I put it on, it was a perfect fit. I knew this hat had to be mine, and when asking the price I had to keep in mind everything I've learned this past year in Bargaining 101. The next step went something like this:

Me: How much do you want for this hat?
Old Man: Emmm, well lets see. [takes the hat, studies it, looks on the inside] Ah Rag and Bone! There a very big designer. Handmade in the United States
Me: Oh really? Hmm I've never heard of them.... (I pat myself on the back for that comment!)
Old Man: Yeah yeah... emmmm... 30 Shekel (That's just about $8!)
Me: Ok! thank you so much (Secretly gleaming inside!)


PS. This was my first time putting myself in a blog post! 
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  1. can you give the address of this shop pleeease?