Friday, December 16, 2011

Dreed Tea Holiday Look

The girls over at DreedTea asked me to put together a Holiday Look. I'm super excited to be working with such creative, fun, and fashionable girls. Be sure to check out their site and share your love! 
Dreed Tea Holiday Look

Each season has its own wardrobe perks. Spring/Summer brings out the brighter side of my typical look with fun, bold colors. Fall gives a California girl like myself an opportunity to wear fabulous coats, boots, scarves and loads and loads of layers. Once the holiday season rolls around I'm ready to take fashion to the next level and DRESS UP!!! Like, all the way up! If there's ever a time to break the rules, take a risk, or even arrive "over dressed", it's now. Something about cold weather and holiday spirits always brings out my inner bad (yet classy) ass. (Not that I am ever opposed to metallics, studs, or deep jewel tones) In this holiday look, I used relatively simple pieces that can also be worn throughout the year. I love the flirty feeling of chiffon, so I paired a gorgeous embellished, sheer top with a layered, cobalt blue, chiffon skirt. I added the white tuxedo jacket as a  layering piece to brighten up the outfit, as well as to add some structure to the soft pieces that I chose. The shirt should be tucked into the skirt with the cuffs and the collar pulled out. If the sleeves of the jacket are too long, you can either fold up the sleeves, or even scrunch them up to expose the cuffs. To complete the look, I added accessories that extenuate the silver embellishment of the shirt, add character, and tell a story. Accessories are always key, no matter what look you are going for. Think of yourself the canvas. Just as a painting is not complete without shadows and highlights, neither is your look without a finishing touch. Styling is just like any other art form. When putting together a look, you are the artist. So this holiday season, choose your palette, think of what story you want to tell, add the details, and put the finished product on display!

Happy Channuka, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!!


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