Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have a confession to make. And for those who do read and follow my blog, I am especially apologetic to you. This past month I deliberately put Culture Shock on hold in light of my twin sister Dona, who I haven't seen in almost a year, coming to Israel to visit me. From Greece until her arrival a week later, I pulled a major mom moment (atleast a my mom moment). I started cleaning, organizing, decorating and building things for the house with the help of my amazing boyfriend, all in the week before her arrival. We built a four foot long free standing bookshelf and nightstand, suspended a 2 inch wooden shelf from the ceiling and attached a hang-bar below for my clothes and accessories, and dyed white curtains from Ikea the most beautiful turquoise color ever. The month that she was here was amazing and much much needed. Really truly incredible... Saying goodbye to her was so horrible, if I think about it i'll start to cry all over again. Which brings me to my next exciting update... While Dona was here, she helped us look for apartments in the city and we ended up finding one right in the Middle of Tel Aviv! It's the perfect project to dive right into and keep me preoccupied until I find a job close to home. Anyhow, the apartment is an old itty bitty living space but it's so cute. I'm so excited to to add our elements of style into our new home. Between Doron knowing how to design and build just about anything, and my instinctive desire to style and organize everything, I'm curious to see how it will turn out. Did I mention, this is the first time I'm going to live alone "with a boy!!!" (Name that show!) No roommates, just me and him in our tiny little abode! Huge step for Oriahn and Doron... 

Even though its been more than a month, I wanted to share pictures from our 2 Year Anniversary Greece Trip. They are just too beautiful to pass up. If there weren't so many places that I want to see in the world, I'd go back.  

(Morning stroll on the beach by the hotel) 

(Our sexy lady sand castle we made together)

(Enjoyed the sunset from the still, warm, crystal clear water)

(Night out on the town)

(We spent a lot of time in the old city, eating amazing food, drinking amazing wine, and riding our scooter through the tiny little streets) 

(Moussaka- Don't ask questions, just go to Greece and try it. A M A Z ING....)

(View of Mali, Crete)

(Black Widows sitting outside their home making lace by hand. Also I must add, Grecian's are by far the nicest people I've ever met)

(Such an old concept, but I loved this pattern)

(Walking through the streets in Chania, an old Venetian city)

(I think I may have about 1000 photographs of doors alone. This turquoise door was by far one of my favorites)

(These bright pink flowers are the accessory to nearly every house in Crete. I love the bold color and energy of them. Now I believe flowers are just as important to a home as a necklace is to a dress. Major Must)

(An abandoned house in the Old City. I found the aging stone walls with the remains of blue and green colors beautifully inspiring)

(Whether it be a tiny little hilltop church or a massive center stage kind of church, the beauty is significantly unimaginable. Every ornate high ceiling like this one is hand painted)

(Me and my amazing boyfriend. To many more years together, I love you Dorony!)



  1. Oh I love these scenery there. Such a beautiful looking place. That bright red lipstick looks pretty on your skintone.


  2. SOOOO happy to see your writing again. I love it. Keep writing, Ori. Your fans love it!