Monday, October 31, 2011

Basically Essential

This week... the last two weeks, deserve a post for themselves. I feel as if I need to take out my diary from 7th grade and dispense my mind of clustering mental activity. Only I wouldn't be writing about boys and bff's who stole my crush of the week, so it clearly wouldn't be the appropriate place for my emotional relinquishment at age 24. However, it seems as if I have survived and we're going to be OK. 

I left home, my family and friends, and my old life in Los Angeles to move to Israel in the most impulsive way imaginable. Like I was buying a $1,800 handbag that I'd fallen in love with. Not quite the same. But I had fallen in love and had the opportunity to do something that I'd always dreamed about, never conceiving the idea that one day I'd actually do it. (Moving to Israel, that is) Though this entire experience has been... remarkably incredible, there have been times of adversity. My boyfriend and I just moved into our own apartment (roommate free!) smack in the middle of the city. Naturally, we found ourselves in the middle of a financial hiccup. We were also both so stressed out that it sort of took away from the fact that this is the first time we're moving in with our "significant other". Huuuuuuge step! =) Soon I found myself back on the job hunt. So I started going through my own emotional breakdown of "I don't know what I want to do with my life anymore..." "There's nothing for me to do in Israel..." "I can't believe I have to be a waitress again..."  Then, in my most vulnerable state possible, I landed a job interview. THE job interview. The one that could change everything... The one that did. Sitting in that room, talking to those people, brought back a little piece of the "old Oriahn". I felt like I'd forgotten so much of what I used to be passionate about, what I'd accomplished in my life, how ambitious and driven I was... Suddenly I realized I still am. 

That day brought me to a bench on Rothschild Boulevard, a beautiful street in Tel Aviv with two bike/pedestrian lanes separated by grass, ponds, playgrounds etc... The street is lined with big shady trees and benches that run down the boulevard, perfect for "people watching" (an Israeli fav) all the cyclists and business men/women who go by. As I was sitting on the bench waiting for a friend to me meet me for coffee, a breeze came by, grazing my skin, lifting my hair, and it was the first time I'd felt chilly in a long time... It was such a wonderful change from the intense humidity and heat we had over the summer. So for me, this was magical. Especially since I've been getting a little sad that I'm not home for my favorite season, and seeing everyone's Halloween costumes on FB definitely doesn't help. I realized though that Israel has it's own wonders of fall. Maybe no Halloween or Thanksgiving.. But people here have softened up, nature starts changing, and the air gets a bit crisp here too...

This got me thinking about certain items in my closet that have been waiting to be unleashed... In fact, I have been waiting! Normally a new season for me means time to shop all the latest trends. But given my financial situation, for now I'm eagerly awaiting the comeback of those timeless, classic, always essential pieces to come out of their hybernation.
Basically Essential
Madewell Crewneck Shirt in Grey $98 - A go-to staple 
Cable Cardigan with Military Inspired Vest - 250 Euro - Such great layering pieces when you're going casual
All Saints Hestone Leather Jacket $495 - 100% Italian Goatskin and I love the funnel collar!
Frye Veronica Combat boots $268 - A great durable pair of boots is a MUST for fall. Frye boots are something that everyone should invest in. They have been known for their craftsmanship for more than 100 years. Nobody really does it better than Frye.
Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Bag $1,995 - The $2000 price tag isn't a must, but investing in a great  bag like the PS1 (when the time is right) goes a long way.
Jocelyn Short Rabbit Infinity Scarf  $158 - For me, scarves are your winter necklace and is the perfect accessory for any outfit. When its a fur snood, its that much more desirable, and never ever goes out of style!
 I'm OBSESSED with Rag and Bone's Wool Floppy Brim Fedora. No matter what your wearing, hats tend to complete any look. And going from a straw to wool fedora is the perfect transition to fall. Alexander Wang London Sunglasses $369 - Just because the heat has left the building, doesn't mean the sun has. Find a great pair of shades that fit your face and your style and wear them all year long.

Thank you for the love and support
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  1. aw just finished reading your whole post and I got teary! Such a bold woman you are to get up and leave to a whole new country! I applaud you, takes a very courageous person to do that; I know I wouldnt be able to. Seems like everything is falling into place now- so happy for you!! Best of luck in all your endeavors!

    Just stumbled across your blog! So cute and uplifting!